3D knitting

Rothy's Makes 3D-Knitted Ballet Flats From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Rothy’s just might be the shoe of the summer. Produced using a three-dimensional knitting technique that generates little to no waste, each seamlessly constructed ballet flat…

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Meet the World's First 3D-Knitted Casual Shoe

A Los Angeles-based footwear company has created what it dubs the world’s first three-dimensionally knitted casual shoe. JS Shoe describes the unisex shoe, which is available for…

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BB.Suit: A 3D-Knitted "Onesie" That Doubles as Wi-Fi Hotspot

Everybody loves a onesie, but a onesie outfitted with a WiFi hotspot, GPS tracking and a music library becomes the life of the party. The BB.Suit is a 3D knitted, high tech outfit…

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OpenKnit: An Open-Source "Clothing Printer" That Lets You Make Your Own Garments

There’s 3D printers for chocolate, food, jewelry, houses, plastic parts and now there is a 3D printer to knit your own clothes. The OpenKnit Printer by Gerard Rubio will let you…

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Virtual 3D "Knitting" Program Simulates Details Down to the Very Stitch

IN STITCHES Presented at the 39th International Conference and Exhibition of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques earlier this month in Los Angeles, the program creates a 3D…

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