3D-printed clothes

3D-Printed "Adrenaline" Dress Reacts When You're Stressed

Anyone who has surprised a cat knows that raised hackles—a way of artificially inflating one’s size in the face of danger—are a classic “fight or flight” behavior.…

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Israeli Fashion Student 3D-Prints Entire Clothing Collection at Home

Photos by Daria Retiner Danit Peleg set her sights high when she started her graduate collection for her degree in Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She…

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Finally, a 3D-Printed Dress That Drapes, Moves Like Actual Fabric

3D printers produce rigid objects, usually made of plastic. They don’t print or weave fabrics, but Massachusetts-based firm Nervous System used a 3D printer to make a dress that…

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Francis Bitonti's "Bristle" Dress is Couture You Can 3D-Print at Home

Francis Bitonti didn’t just envision a future where everyone can print their own clothes, he created it. Together with students from his “New Skins: Computational Design for…

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