Ahimsa silk

Kondakis's Upcycled-Parachute Fashions Help Educate Maasai Girls

REDESIGN “Education is one of the strongest tools one can have in order to create their own future but the girls are being under prioritized in the Maasai community,”…

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Create Your Own "Peace Silk" Dresses with Supezas

Looking for an eco-friendly dress that is cute, you can feel good about, and won’t break the bank? Look no further! We’ve recently discovered an inspiring company called…

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Ahimsa: Cruelty-Free "Peace Silk" That Makes for Good Karma

Photo by Aurora Silk Yarns AHIMSA \ə-hĭm’sä’ \ n. 1 a: A Sanskrit term meaning to do no harm—literally translated as “the avoidance of violence”—or in…

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Eco-Fashion Rock Star Designer Bahar Shahpar

When it comes to green fashion, we can’t think of any other designer that is as wholeheartedly involved as eco-wonderwoman Bahar Shahpar. It’s difficult to believe that one…

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