FIT Students Turn Algae, Fungi Into Biodegradable Textiles

BIOMATERIAL But alginate is typically used in sheets, a form that doesn’t lend itself well to fashion designers. Deciding to change the form factor into something more familiar,…

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Blond & Bieber's "Algaemy" Uses Microalgae to Dye Textiles

GREEN GOLD To take the concept further, Blond and Bieber created its so-called “analog printer”: an all-in-one microalgae farm, laboratory, and cylinder roller for wheeling…

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Could These "Wearable Biospheres" Help Us Survive on Alien Planets?

Photos by Yoram Reshef If we’re ever going to make it in space exploration to distant planets like Jupiter let alone outside of our solar system, we’re going to need some…

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UC Davis Scientists Use Bacteria to Make Eco-Friendlier Artificial Scents

Photo by Shutterstock From perfumes to paints and artificial flavorings, most chemicals produced on an industrialized scale are derived from oil and gas. To bring commercial scents and…

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Your Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Could Be Harming Aquatic Life, Says Study

Photo by Shutterstock Battling dandruff is enormously unpleasant, but it turns out the remedy for an itchy, flaky scalp is far more damaging than the presence of snow drifts on your…

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Algaculture: A Symbiosis Suit That Uses Algae to Grow Food From Light

Designers Michiko Nitta and Michael Burton envision a future where your clothes also supply nourishment! The Algaculture Symbiosis Suit, which debuted at The Algae Opera at London’s…

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