Alyce Santoro

9 Eco-Chic Fashions Inspired by the Music Industry

Driven by the same cultural and social factors, fashion and music have shared an inextricable bond since the 1950s, when the first rumblings of malaise and discontent rippled among the…

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Sonic Fabric Bag Made From Recycled Audio Tape Plays Music on Demand

For over a decade, interdisciplinary artist Alyce Santoro has spun recycled cassette tape into “audible textiles” that play back under a tape head. Woven on antique looms in…

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Designer Maria Cornejo Loves Recycled Cassette-Tape Fabric, Doesn't Think Fast Fashion is Very "Eco"

Maria Cornejo bristles at the idea that sustainability is an all-or-nothing proposition. “I think to be totally ‘eco’ is practically impossible,” says the…

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For Alyce Santoro of Sonic Fabric, Off-Grid Living is Always in Fashion

Multimedia artist Alyce Santoro may be best known in the fashion community for her woven cassette-tape Sonic Fabric, but the conceptual artist, activist, and homesteader contains…

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Deborah Lindquist Makes "Playable" Bustiers From Recycled Cassette Tape

Photos by Glenn Campbell If there was any doubt that some things are just better in pairs (see: peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, Cheech and Chong), eco-designer Deborah…

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The Future of Eco-Fashion in 2010: 10 Green Designers Share Their New Year Wishes

As we bid adieu to 2009 and ring in a new year—and decade!—we asked 10 of our favorite green fashion designers what they hope 2010 will bring. Find out why Bahar Shahpar is…

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