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April Fool's! 7 Hilarious Clothing Spoofs We (Almost) Fell For

LULULEMON’S SPRAY-ON YOGA PANTS In a nod to 2013’s “Pantsgate,” where customers took Lululemon to task for its unintentionally see-through pants, the yogawear…

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San Francisco Launches City-Wide Zero-Waste Textile Recycling Initiative

Photo by Shutterstock San Francisco is about to get even greener. Although the California city diverts about 80 percent of its waste from landfills, it still bins than 39 million pounds…

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Fire Guts Key Bangladesh Garment Facility as Factory Owners Dispute Walmart's "Loan"

Photo by A.M. Ahad for Associated Press A massive fire ripped through a nine-story garment factory in Bangladesh after a group of angry workers torched the facility over rumors of a…

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15 Major Retailers That Haven't Signed the Bangladesh Safety Agreement

Photo by Northfoto/Shutterstock GAP While competitors such as H&M, Mango, and Zara have committed themselves to financing vital safety upgrades in Bangladesh, Gap has held back,…

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