Amsterdam Fashion Week

Dutch Fashion Designers Lobby for a Fur-Free Amsterdam Fashion Week

Photo by Nata Pupo/Shutterstock The Dutch fashion industry wants fur to disappear from its runways. More than a hundred designers, stylists, journalists, photographers, and celebrities…

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Carrie Parry Talks About Winning Green Fashion Competition, Future Plans

When Carrie Parry flew home from Amsterdam International Fashion Week, the Brooklyn designer didn’t return empty-handed. Winner of The Green Fashion Competition’s Category 2…

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Carrie Parry Wins Green Fashion Competition at Amsterdam Fashion Week!

Atta, girl! Brooklyn’s own Carrie Parry beat 40 international contenders to receive The Green Fashion Competition’s Category 2 award, plus €15,000 in prize money, at…

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Carrie Parry Heads to Amsterdam for Green Fashion Competition Finals

PARRY ON Parry didn’t just graduate from one of the world’s most prestigious fashion schools. Besides the usual pantheon of designers she shadowed, her resume also includes…

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Eliza Starbuck a Finalist in Amsterdam Fashion Week’s Green Fashion Competition

Eliza Starbuck, the designer behind Bright Young Things, is taking her eco-fashion line global. First stop on her world-domination tour: Holland, where Starbuck stared down 180…

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Enter The Green Fashion Competition at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Amsterdam International Fashion Week and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality (LNV) have launched a competition in token of the international Year of…

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