Anniken Jørgensen

Help Fund Sequel to Norwegian "Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion" Reality Show

More than a year after their online reality series became a viral phenomenon, Norwegian fashionistas Frida Ottesen and Anniken Jørgensen are ready to head back to Cambodia—this time,…

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INTERVIEW: Norway's "Sweatshop Fashionistas," In Their Own Words

Picture this: Three young fashion enthusiasts from Norway, two of them still in their teens, travel to Cambodia, where they sample the life of a garment worker for a month. Not exactly…

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Reality Show Sends Young Fashionistas to Work in Cambodian Sweatshop

A young blonde woman weeps openly on camera, her manicured fingers perched wanly against her cheekbones. “I can’t take it any more,” she sobs in Norwegian. “What…

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