Meet the "Apple Watch," Apple's Highly Anticipated Smartwatch

IWATCH Expected to retail for $349 early next year, the Apple Watch will be available in two sizes, three models (the Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition), and a variety of styles. A…

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Are We Headed for a Smartwatch War?

You thought the smartphone wars were bad? Just wait till the battle heats up over the smartwatch. As Samsung goes public with its plans for a wristwatch-style computer, and rumors of an…

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Apple Pulls "Sweatshop" Game, Has No Concept of Satire or Irony

Irony alert? Pocket Gamer reports that Apple has pulled Sweatshop, a satirical game designed to raise awareness about the inequities of forced labor, from its App Store because it was…

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Steve Jobs: Fashion Locavore? Not So Fast!

As far as American icons go, Steve Jobs’s mockneck-and-Dad-jeans ensemble is as indelible as the man himself. One Minnesota company, reaping the benefits by so-called association,…

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Matt & Nat Collaborates With Apple on Chic, Vegan Laptop Bags

A vegan bag maker from Montreal and the No. 1 tech company in the world may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but Matt & Nat’s inaugural collaboration with Apple yields eye- and…

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