April Fools

The "Lunar" Watch is a Timepiece Made From Genuine Moon Rock

The “Lunar” watch by the Analog Watch Co. is one small step for a timepiece, one giant leap for time-keeping. Developed in collaboration with the Russian Federal Space…

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April Fool's! 7 Hilarious Clothing Spoofs We (Almost) Fell For

LULULEMON’S SPRAY-ON YOGA PANTS In a nod to 2013’s “Pantsgate,” where customers took Lululemon to task for its unintentionally see-through pants, the yogawear…

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Singer Katy Perry Launches "Candyfornia," a Line of Edible (And Vegan!) Cupcake Bras

They don’t squirt five-foot streams of icing, but that won’t stop Katy Perry from unleashing her line of edible cupcake bras onto the world. Inspired by her…

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Jersey Shore's Snooki Launches Hair "Poofs" Made From Recycled Bottles

If you’ve been hankering for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s now-infamous up-do, hanker no more. The star of MTV’s reality series Jersey Shore will be pumping up the…

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