Ashley Watson

7 Eco-Fashion Collaborations That Double Your Pleasure

TWICE AS NICE If the clothing racks have you seeing double, you’re not alone. The spirit of collaboration has seeped into every high-brow and mass-market corner of the fashion…

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14 Eco-Chic Gifts Real Moms Actually Want for Mother's Day

MOMMY DEAREST Motherhood is a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Instead of curating our own Mother’s Day gift guide, we asked more than a dozen planet-savvy,…

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Lina Rennell, Ashley Watson Collaborate on Pair of Eco-Chic Bags

If two heads are indeed better than one, then Angelina Rennell and Ashley Watson are one pair of noggins we’d want permanently fused together. The designers’ first joint…

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Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, Founder and Editor of EcoStiletto

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, “Mommy Greenest” and the maven behind EcoStiletto, is a force of nature. Her dedication to the sustainable fashion movement is as unflagging as her…

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Ashley Watson Makes Eco-Chic Bags From Recycled Leather Jackets

We definitely think that heralding advances in new eco-materials technology is key, but we have to give props to all of the green designers out there doing their thing the…

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