Color-Changing "Bruise Suit" Helps Paraplegics Detect Injuries

Paralyzed athletes may not feel pain if they’ve received a serious blow or broken a bone during competition, but a new color-changing suit developed by students at the Imperial…

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New Biomimetic Fiber, Inspired by Pine Cones, Keeps You Dryer, Longer

Photo by Shutterstock A new textile developed in the UK can make your workout a little less sweaty. Called Inotek, the process amps up textiles’ ability to absorb sweat, in effect…

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MyChi Sportswear Uses "Acupressure Buttons" to Boost Athletic Performance

Photo by Shutterstock Can’t afford an acupressurist who makes house calls? The New York College of Health Professions is developing a range of clothing that targets key pressure…

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VIDEO: Nike Creates Prosthetic Running Sole for Amputee Triathlete

As the first female leg amputee to complete the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii, Sarah Reinertsen is no stranger to surmounting obstacles. Nike is giving her a boost,…

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Under Armour's Biometric Compression Shirt Tracks, Broadcasts Athletic Performance (Video)

Sports fans will soon be logging more than player statistics during a game. Under Armour and Zephyr Technology have teamed up to create sensor-equipped compression shirt that measures…

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