Autumn/Winter 2014

Elise Ballegeer's Ethical Slow Fashion Offers Timeless Minimalism

Faultlines is the stunning new collection from eco-fashion designer Elise Ballegeer who has produced her stylish range using responsibly sourced organic and sustainable fabrics. To make…

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Umasan: Sustainable, Vegan Fashion for the Avant-Garde Androgyne

How did you form Umasan? Where did the concept come from? Our demand, and at the same time our motivation, was to create a line that transcends the production of clothing and…

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Greenpeace Demands Toxic-Free Luxury at Fall 2014 Milan Fashion Week

LUXURY DETOX Versace received a special call-out this morning when Greenpeace volunteers opened a second banner emblazoned with the message “Versace Detox now!” Greenpeace…

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