Join Kollabora, Awamaki on a "Collaborative Crafting" Workshop in Peru

ANDEAN ADVENTURE “It’s been a dream of mine to bring our creative and fashion-forward DIY community to a beautiful and spiritual place to learn from a culture that’s been…

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The Art of Dyeing: Harvesting Color at Awamaki's Natural Dye Workshop

Rising before sunrise, I was accompanied by three other girls and Mieke Briejer, our Awamaki tour guide as we departed on the four-hour journey that would take us to Parobamba, a…

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Play "Pass the Parcel," Join Awamaki Lab's Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirt

Maia Wojcik, wearing Awamaki Lab’s chain-letter skirt. Who says snail mail is dead? Awamaki Lab wants to revive the analog era of “pen pals, heart-dotted i’s, and…

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Awamaki Lab Debuts Fair-Trade Peruvian Knitwear With a Modern Twist

MODERN HISTORY Together, the duo spent their first month sketching, buying secondary fabrics from Lima, and getting to know the artisans who would be their partners in the design…

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