Barbie Gets High-Tech Makeover With Interactive LED Dress, Stylus

Never let it be said that Barbie doesn’t have an eye for emerging trends. After forays into everything from aeronautics to zookeeping, America’s favorite plastic dilettante…

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Eco-Fashionista Barbie? Bid on Loomstate's Fashion's Night Out Doll

It’s no secret that Barbie is an unrepentant shopaholic, so we weren’t surprised to find her all over Fashion’s Night Out in New York City. Still, the plastic…

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Artist Dismembers Barbie, Turns Body Parts Into Disturbing Jewelry

Blow-up dolls aren’t the only faux folk getting hacked to bits, both literally and metaphorically. Artist Margaux Lange mines pre-owned Barbie dolls for body parts that she turns…

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