BBC Exposé Reveals Child Refugees Making Clothes for British High Street

Factories in Turkey are employing Syrian refugee children as young as 10 to make clothes for the British high street, an undercover investigation by BBC’s Panorama has found.…

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The Happy Accident That Resulted in Doctor Who's Iconic Striped Scarf

If it wasn’t for a case of crossed wires, one of Doctor Who’s most iconic accoutrements might never have been. We’re talking, of course, about the Fourth…

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BBC Angers Scots With Chinese Knockoff of "Doctor Who" Harris Tweed Jacket

The real McCoy. Doctor Who fans may soon be able to buy licensed replicas of the Eleventh Doctor’s Harris Tweed jacket, but one community in Scotland is less than enthused. Tweed…

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Vivienne Westwood Tells Everyone to Stop Buying Clothes

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images With all the scandals tainting clothing retailers recently, could simply not shopping for clothes solve all our woes? Making an appearance on BBC News…

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