Timberland, Pharrell Create Bee-Inspired Boots With Recycled Plastic

Shoe enthusiasts have something to buzz about. Timberland has teamed up with music mogul Pharrell Williams to create a pair of boots inspired by nature—bees, to be exact. Composed of…

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Alexander McQueen Takes Up Beekeeping at Paris Fashion Week

Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton gave Paris Fashion Week attendees something to buzz home about. Bees, butterflies, honeycombs, and wildflowers flitted down the runway in a…

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Isabella Rossellini Plays "Burt" of Burt's Bees in Pollinator Week PSAs

THE BUZZ The three-minute films open with the real Burt Shavitz, a beekeeper who co-founded Burt’s Bees 25 years ago on a homestead in Maine. He’s soon replaced, however, by…

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Amy Pliszka Creates Expandable Textile "Hives" for Urban Bee Populations

OH BEEHAVE! To create her “bee brief,” Pliszka applied extensive research on honeybee biology and apiculture (a fancy word for beekeeping) to accommodate the insects’…

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“Pollinator Frocks” Are Wearable Gardens That Attract, Feed Hungry Bees

Artist Karen Ingham’s latest project is guaranteed to make a buzz. The British insect-lover has produced a series of dresses designed to aid shrinking populations of bees and…

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Fashion Week Goes Carbon Neutral, Ode to Lyocell, Human Pollinators

Photo by Tina Fineberg/New York Times Hello, goodbye: For its last fling at Bryant Park, New York Fashion Week will be carbon neutral for the first time. (TreeHugger) EcoSalon’s…

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