10 Frightening Eco-Fashions That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

DEM BONES Los Angeles’s Bones and Feathers Collective creates anatomically correct jewelry by hand-dipping wax casts of fox, shark, and rattlesnake vertebrae into molten bronze…

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Top 7 Bizarre Eco-Fashion Stories of 2012 (Vote for the Weirdest!)

Want to do the time warp with us? Check out the most bizarre eco-fashion stories of 2011… …

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Charlize Theron Wears Dress Made With Beetle Wings in "Snow White and the Huntsman"

Blink and you’re likely to miss it, but one of Snow White and the Huntsman’s high points is a gleaming turquoise gown that Charlize Theron wears in her role of the wicked…

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Victorian-Era Dress, Made With 1,000 Beetle Wings, Restored for £50,000

Photos by Zenzie Tinker It took 1,300 hours and £50,000 ($81,000), but a glittering emerald gown made from 1,000 beetle parts is ready for its stage entrance once more. Decked with the…

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