bike safety

ICEdot's Helmet-Mounted Sensor Signals for Help in Event of a Crash

Cyclists, skiers, runners, motorcyclists and adventurers take note – this little device might just save your life. The ICEdot is a crash sensor you wear on your helmet or body and…

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Inkwell Helmets Creates Hand-Painted Designs for Every Cyclist's Personality

When on a bicycle, safety is of paramount importance. Danielle Baskin’s line of hand-painted, graphic helmets allows riders to showcase their good sense. Her company, Inkwell…

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Bicycle "Helmet of Justice" Records Video Evidence In Case of Hit and Run

The aptly named Helmet of Justice is a video camera-equipped brain bucket that can record evidence onto a USB drive in case of a crash. Developed by software developers from Chaotic…

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We-Flashy's Reflective Clothing Helps Cyclists Stay Visible at Night

You don’t have to resemble a crossing guard to play it safe on the roads at night. We-Flashy may use the same industrial-grade reflective material as police and firefighters do,…

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Glow-in-the-Dark Jeans by Naked & Famous Headed to a Barneys Near You

Glow-in-the-dark jeans for nocturnal cyclists? Sure, why not. Naked & Famous, a “rare and raw” denim label from Canada, applied a phosphorescent coating to indigo…

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Finally! Bike Helmets That Don't Make You Look Like a Dork

You were born to be wild, but cruising down the highway on your five-speed without looking like Dorkus maximus is no mean feat when you have an underwater missile perched on your…

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