Design an "Eco-Fashion" Bike Helmet for Fiat and Vogue, Win €3,000!

How do you define “eco-fashion” in everyday life? Fiat and Italian Vogue are champing at the bit to find out. From now till August 23, 2010, the automaker and the fashion…

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Angella Mackey's Light-Up LED Bike Coat is High on Visibility, Style

Two-wheeling glamour-pusses don’t have to go cruising for a bruising whenever they let style trump safety. Angella Mackey’s LED Bike Jacket compromises neither form nor…

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LONDON-TO-PARIS BIKE EVENT: Environmental Justice Foundation's Great Fashion Cycle

The Environmental Justice Foundation is calling all adventure seeking style-savvy volunteers to embark on “The Great Fashion Cycle,” a 300-mile bike journey from London to…

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Finally! Bike Helmets That Don't Make You Look Like a Dork

You were born to be wild, but cruising down the highway on your five-speed without looking like Dorkus maximus is no mean feat when you have an underwater missile perched on your…

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Stay Chic, Safe With LFLECT's Reflective Eco-Accessories for the Urban Cyclist

You may be the captain of the two-wheel commute—Sultan of the Schwinn—weaving in and out of traffic with preternatural dexterity, but cue the setting sun and all bets are off. Add…

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