Australians Love Beer So Much, They Made a Dress With It

The “Beer Dress” is more than a homage to Australia’s favorite pint. Created by Nanollose, the same Perth-based firm that transformed red wine into clothing, the frock…

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Top 7 Bizarre Eco-Fashion Stories of 2012 (Vote for the Weirdest!)

Want to do the time warp with us? Check out the most bizarre eco-fashion stories of 2011… …

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9 Edible Fashions Inspired by the Culinary Arts

Food and fashion may seem like unlikely bedfellows but a new generation of designers are trading in their cutting tables for stovetops. Welcome to the intersection of haute couture and…

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Australian Scientists Create "Fermented Fashion" From Red Wine, Beer

BOOZY COUTURE Cass and his colleagues culture the Acetobacter in vats of red wine—”cheap Aussie ‘goon’ wine, not the good stuff that is kept for us,” he…

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