biodegradable plastic

Personalize Your iPhone With Sylvia Heisel's 3D-Printed Bioplastic Cases

What do corn, fashion, and three-dimensional printing have in common? They’re the latest in mobile accessories: a new line of monogramed iPhone cases 3D-printed with polylactic…

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Fetch Eyewear Donates 100 Percent of Profits to Animal-Rescue Causes

PET PROJECT Fetch calls itself a small company with a big vision, with a full 100 percent of its corporate proceeds benefiting the Pixie Project. The frames themselves were designed…

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Gucci Announces "Sustainable Soles" Line of Biodegradable Footwear

Canal St. jelly slides, these are not. Gucci is launching a new “Sustainable Soles” line of footwear made with biodegradable plastic, WWD announced on Wednesday. Part of the…

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