biodegradable textiles

Freitag is a Feat of Brotherly Love That Flaunts Its European Roots

F-abric was developed because you couldn’t find sustainable workwear for your employees that was also biodegradable. What came first, the designs or the material? It was…

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FIT Students Turn Algae, Fungi Into Biodegradable Textiles

BIOMATERIAL But alginate is typically used in sheets, a form that doesn’t lend itself well to fashion designers. Deciding to change the form factor into something more familiar,…

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MuSkin: A Vegan "Leather" Made Entirely From Mushrooms

MUSKIN \məsˈkin\ n. 1 a: A 100 percent biodegradable vegetal leather, extracted from mushroom caps and “tanned” using chemical-free methods. b: Resembles suede but is…

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Organotex: Eco-Friendly Fabric Treatment That Repels Water Like a Plant

ORGANOTEX \ôrɡən ō teks\ n. 1 a: A biodegradable, breathable, and fluorocarbon-free fabric treatment that mimics a plant’s ability to repel moisture. b: Uses a system of…

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This Biodegradable Wedding Gown Was Grown From Fungus, Compost

“Grow your own” takes on a new meaning with scientific artist Erin Smith’s home-grown wedding gown. Made from tree mulch and white fungus mycelium, Smith decided to make a…

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Freitag Launches 100 Percent Compostable Clothing Made From Plants

Freitag has made a name for themselves repurposing truck tarpaulins into stylish messenger bags and purses. Now, the Zurich-based company is coming out with a small apparel line, made…

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