biodiversity in fashion

Gabby Wild Dons Animal-Inspired Outfits to Highlight Endangered Species

12 in 12 for 12 What was the inspiration behind your idea for 12 in 12 for 12? As a veterinary student, I naturally have a predilection towards animals, but my call to action to help…

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Amy Pliszka Creates Expandable Textile "Hives" for Urban Bee Populations

OH BEEHAVE! To create her “bee brief,” Pliszka applied extensive research on honeybee biology and apiculture (a fancy word for beekeeping) to accommodate the insects’…

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UC Botanical Garden's Green Gala Celebrates Biodiversity in Fashion

LIVE AND LET DYE While all designs showcased organic, recycled, or refashioned materials, the emphasis was definitely on the dyes, all of which can be found in the garden. The colors…

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UN Announces New Partnerships to Support Biodiversity in Fashion

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has announced three new partnerships to promote biodiversity in the fashion industry. By tag-teaming with the Green Fashion…

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