Lab-Grown Mother of Pearl Paves the Way for Tough, Inexpensive Coatings

Photo by Shutterstock Scientists from the University of Cambridge have recreated mother of pearl for the first time. Also known as nacre, the material is responsible for the iridescent…

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Peru Proposes "Native Cotton Route" to Boost Biodiversity, Tourism

Photo by Shutterstock Peru is going native—native cotton, that is. The country’s nascent Center for Innovation and Rural Development is proposing a “ruta del algodón…

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"Green" Cashmere Protects Patagonian Wildlife, Improves Livelihoods

A guanaco Natural, biodegradable, and more insulating than wool, cashmere is as close to the perfect fiber you can get. Just one catch: The goats whose downy undercoats are so prized…

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