Barbara Segal's Stone-Carved "Birkin Bag" Weighs 100 Pounds

When prices for a Hermès’s Birkin handbag can soar up to $300,000 for a diamond-studded, Himalayan crocodile–clad number, Barbara Segal’s $45,000 versions must seem like…

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Top 7 WTF Fashion, Beauty Stories of 2015 (Vote for the Most Deplorable)

For more reasons to clutch your head like a stunned monkey, check out the worst stories of 2014…

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Jane Birkin Wants Hermès to Rename Its Iconic "Birkin" Handbag

Photo by Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock Jane Birkin has asked Hermès to remove her name from one of its most iconic bags following a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals …

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PETA Sends Victoria Beckham a Vegan "V"irkin Bag

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants Victoria Beckham to reconsider her love of exotic skins. Fresh off its indictment of the appalling conditions maintained by some of…

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Hermès Suppliers Caught Sawing Open Live Alligators for Their Skin

Photo by 1stdibs Hermès is under fire after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals exposed the horrific conditions maintained by some of the French luxury house’s crocodile-…

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Margaret Thatcher’s Handbag Sells for $39,800 at Christie’s

Here’s a vintage number you won’t find at your corner consignment store anytime soon: Margaret Thatcher’s handbag. The boxy Asprey carryall, a symbol of the former…

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