Lepow's Convertible "HiSmart" Bag Will Take Your Calls for You

Move over, smartwatches. 2015 just might be the year of the smartbag. Firing the year’s opening salvo? Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company Lepow, which unveiled its “HiSmart…

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Does Wearable Technology Pose a Risk to Our Health?

Photo by Shutterstock Our phones, smart watches, and other wearable technology are constantly emitting radio and electromagnetic signals close to our brains and our reproductive organs.…

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"Nex" is a High-Tech Charm Bracelet for Gaming on Your Wrist

To appeal to the teen crowd with a smart device, you have to give them more than a watch or activity tracker, you have to make it fun and interactive. The “Nex” band is the…

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