Bob Bland

From Farm to Fabric: Exploring Natural Fibers, Fashion Sustainability With Manufacture NY

On the last weekend of September, Manufacture New York hosted a two-day weekend exploration into local textile production and sustainable fashion practices. This event included hands-on…

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39 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2015

ECO-FASHION ORACLES 1. Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering) 2. Simone Cipriani (Ethical Fashion Initiative) 3. Lewis Perkins (Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute) 4. Livia Firth…

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37 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2014

ECO-FASHION ORACLES 1. Orsola de Castro (Estethica, From Somewhere, Reclaim to Wear) 2. Judy Gearhart (International Labor Rights Forum) 3. Jason Kibbey (Sustainable Apparel Coalition,…

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"The True Cost": A Documentary About the Clothing Industry's Impact

“Growing up I was told this very simple story about where our clothes come from,” Andrew Morgan, director of a new documentary, The True Cost, tells viewers in the opening…

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Help Manufacture NY Bring Garment Jobs Back to the U.S.A.

MAKING IT IN BROOKLYN Bland doesn’t intend for Manufacture NY to compete with New York’s legendary Garment District, of course. Rather, she sees the proposed space as both a…

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Manufacture NY: A Fashion Incubator That Champions Local Manufacturing

HOME BASE Bland also envisions a dedicated area for experimenting with environmentally-friendly fabric washes, dyes, finishes and special textile applications. “We want to increase…

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