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Arden Reed's "Tailor Truck" Uses 3D Scanning to Create Bespoke Suits

‘Get The Bond Look.’ Arden Reed’s eye catching tag line is bound to draw in the customers, but it is their mobile tailoring service doing the rounds in New York city that will…

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Handyscope is a Smartphone Body Scanner That Checks for Skin Cancer

When you think your mole has grown or a spot emerges on your skin, it’s best to get into your doctor right away to get it checked out. But getting an appointment that isn’t…

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UPcload Uses Your Webcam to Help You Buy Clothes That Actually Fit

Shopping for clothes online is a bit of a gamble, but Berlin-based startup UPcload is launching a new Web-based body-measuring system that will give you a perfect fit each time, no…

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MyBestFit’s Full-Body Scanner Tells You What Size Clothing to Shop For

Are you a size 2, 4, or 8? You may in fact be all three—and then some. With brands altering their sizes according to a seemingly random set of standards, shopping has become a game of…

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