Borre Akkersdijk

BB.Suit 0.2 is a 3D-Knitted "Onesie" That Purifies the Air Around It

The same three-dimensionally knitted “onesie” that doubles as a wireless hotspot, Global Positioning System tracker, and MP3 library can add another capability to its litany…

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BB.Suit: A 3D-Knitted "Onesie" That Doubles as Wi-Fi Hotspot

Everybody loves a onesie, but a onesie outfitted with a WiFi hotspot, GPS tracking and a music library becomes the life of the party. The BB.Suit is a 3D knitted, high tech outfit…

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Borre Akkersdijk Uses Mattress-Knitting Machine to Create Quilted Couture

MATTRESS STITCH Akkersdik’s creations are hardly your run-of-the mill hand-knit tchotchkes. The collection drew critical praise when it debuted at Paris Fashion Week this past…

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