bra recycling

7 Weird, Wonderful, and Wholly Unexpected Uses for Bras

CANCER DETECTOR We all expect our bras to work miracles, but can they also monitor our breasts for signs of cancer? First Warning Systems’ high-tech underwire uses a series of…

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Triumph Japan Recycles Old Bras Into Power-Generating Fuel

Worried about throwing out your used bras lest they be stolen by perverts? American women may find such fears unwarranted, but they’re genuine concerns for their counterparts in…

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Italian Lingerie Company Recycles Used Bras into Soundproof Insulation

If there’s one thing your over-the-shoulder boulder holders know, it’s how fill a void. So leave it to an Italian intimates company to trade one kind of stuffing for another…

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Recycle Your Bra This October to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

We all have them: ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or just plain unflattering bras that sit in the back of our drawer collecting lint. Instead of keeping those over-the-shoulder boulder…

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Recycling Old Bras, Eco-Fashion Dire Straits, Faux Fur Pas

Photo by Keep It Up In the Department of Strange But True, you can now recycle your most intimate of intimates through a bra-redistribution program named, quite appropriately, Bosom…

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