Breast Cancer Fund

Your Favorite Wrinkle Cream Might be Raising Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Photo by Shutterstock America’s obsession with youth has consumers crazed for anti-aging products, but new studies reveal what could be slowing down your wrinkles, could be linked to…

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Demystify Cosmetics Labels With "Think Dirty" Smartphone App

Buying safe cosmetics has never been easier, with the help of your smartphone. The new Think Dirty app by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics takes the guess work out of buying safer health…

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Walmart to Ban 10 Toxic Chemicals From Personal-Care Products

Photo by Shutterstock Mega retailer Walmart is setting a precedent for all discount stores in the nation, by removing cosmetics and cleaners with a list of ten toxic chemicals from…

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4 Myths About the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011

MYTH-BUSTING THE SAFE COSMETICS ACT Myth 1: The bill will harm small businesses Myth 2: The bill will require companies to test every ingredient Myth 3: The bill will require impossible…

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