bulletproof clothing

Fish Scales Inspire Flexible, Bulletproof Armor for Soldiers, Astronauts

Photo by Shutterstock Bulletproof materials are often rigid and bulky – think how stuffy bulletproof vests must be, but a new material inspired by the fluidity and toughness of…

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New "Smart" Fabrics Can Be Washed, Stretched...Even Shot With Bullets

As wearables become more integrated into our lives they will also get woven into our fabrics. But for electronic textiles to be realistic, they need to be really durable and most…

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Could This Silk Vest Have Prevented the First World War?

It was the shot that rang around the world. On 28 June 1914, 19-year-old Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip fired a gun at Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and…

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Live Out Your James Bond Fantasies With This Stylish Bulletproof Suit

If anyone was going to wear a bulletproof pinstripe suit, it would definitely be James Bond. Turns out there’s more people than you think that work in dangerous situations, but…

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Bulletproof Jackets, Backpacks for Children Are Now a Thing

Photo by Shutterstock Body armor isn’t just for police officers or public figures anymore. In the wake of a deadly school shooting in Connecticut, a Colombian businessman has…

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