Catalytic Clothing

Laundry Additive Could Turn Clothes into Mobile Air Purifiers

You don’t need to wear the world’s first air-purifying dress to breathe a little easier Catalytic Clothing’s Helen Storey and Tony Ryan are proposing a liquid laundry…

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Can Wearing a Denim Kilt Help Combat Climate Change?

Most people wouldn’t consider a denim kilt or a Vivienne Westwood ball gown essential tools for mitigating climate change, but then again, most people aren’t Helen Storey…

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VIDEO: "Catalytic Clothing" Cleans the Air You Breathe

Catalytic Clothing cleared the air with the world’s first pollution-neutralizing dress, then a “Field of Jeans” that helps you breathe easier. Now, watch the…

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“Field of Jeans” Showcases World’s First Air-Purifying Dungarees

A pollution-scrubbing “Field of Jeans” may sound more outlandish than a bunch of dead baseball players playing catch in a cornfield, but Helen Storey will not be swayed.…

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Meet "Herself," the World's First Air-Purifying Dress

We have dresses to impress, for success, even to kill, but “Herself” must be the first drapey number to clear the air. A collaboration between the University of Sheffield,…

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