Charity Water

Cotopaxi's Outdoor Gear Inspires Adventure, Funds Poverty Relief

Outdoor gear company Cotopaxi is gaining major attention from consumers and investors for their superior product and unique approach to marrying business with social impact. Founder…

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1:Face: A Watch That Feeds a Child, Quenches a Thirst, Finds a Cure

WATCH THIS WATCH Designed with an ascetic’s eye, each battery-powered device features a high-grade silicone band with four parallel buttons. Because “change originates from…

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14 Eco-Friendly Father's Day Gifts to Show Pops He's Tops

SUN BLOCK Protect Pop’s peepers with a pair of fire-engine-red sunglasses from Waiting for the Sun. An update of the classic Wayfarer, the shades combine the lightweight…

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Kwiat Teams Up With Charity: Water on Lifesaving Diamond Bracelet

With more than one billion people without access to drinkable H2O, water is quickly topping the list of the world’s most precious commodities. To help Charity: Water channel clean…

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TOMS, Charity: Water Launch Limited-Edition Shoes to Provide Clean Water

As far as groovy philanthropic endeavors go, TOMS Shoes and Charity: Water have been making ripples in the social-responsibility sphere since Day One. Get set for another giant…

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