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Top 7 Wearable Technology Innovations of 2015 (Vote for the Coolest!)

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Inspired by Polar Bears, HotSquash Clothing Keeps You Warm or Cool

The fur coat of a polar bear has inspired a whole new line of clothing intent on keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. UK brand, HotSquash has an impressive collection…

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NuDown's Inflatable Jackets Let You Create Your Ideal Temperature

COLD COMFORT Unlike down or other animal-derived materials, NuDown garments are expected to stay warm even when wet. Even better? Independent testing by Kansas State University’s…

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Wristify: A Thermoelectric Bracelet That Keeps Your Body Warm or Cool

The concept is simple – when you’re hot a cold cloth applied to your skin helps you feel cooler and the same is true when you’re cold. A change in temperature on your…

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Air-Conditioned Bulletproof Vests Keep Police Officers Cool in the Heat

Kevlar vests may be able to stop bullets in their tracks, but they’re also impermeable to water vapor. Translation? The police officers who wear them have to remain cool under…

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Air-Conditioned Clothing Helps Japan Beat the Heat Amid Power Shortages

Think this heat wave is bad? Pity the Japanese for sweating out the dog days of summer amid power shortages and electricity restrictions. Following the devastating earthquake and…

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