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Energy-Efficient Clothes Dryers Could Save Americans $4 Billion Per Year

Photo by Shutterstock Energy-inefficient clothes dryers are causing American households to waste up to $4 billion each year, according to a new report released by the Natural Resources…

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The "X & C" is a Portable, Affordable Clothes Dryer for Wet Climates

Throughout China, many people rely on hanging clean clothes outside to dry as a simple, cost-efficient way to do laundry. In areas of Southern China where the climate is often damp,…

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New Petition Urges Obamas to Install Visible Clothes Line at White House

Photo by Shutterstock While President Obama’s kitchen garden is a great addition to the White House lawn, something is still missing that could help make the presidential home…

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No Space to Air Dry Your Laundry? Try This Pegless Travel Clothesline

With the sun out to play, it’s the perfect time of year to turn the dryer off and put the clothesline up. Let your clothes hang out au naturel with the six-foot-long peglesss…

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Levi's is Offering 10 Grand For the Most Innovative Air-Drying Solutions

Photo by violentz Few companies know denim as well as Levi Strauss, but even the century-old jean giant has its limits. In a life-cycle analysis of its signature pant, Levi’s…

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