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Upshift Swap Shop Ships Gently Used Clothing to Your Door

Photo by Shutterstock Sustainable shoppers in Madison, Wisconsin have enjoyed trading in quality clothing at Upshift, but soon swap savvy shoppers across the country will be able to…

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This Fashion Library Lets You Check Out Clothing—Literally

LENA, the Amsterdam-based Fashion Library, was born out of a concern for excessive clothing consumption. LENA co-founder Suzanne Smulders notes that 240 million kilos of clothes are…

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First U.S. Global Fashion Exchange Wants You to Swap Till You Drop

Get ready to swap till you drop, America, because the Global Fashion Exchange is in town. Founded in 2013 by the Danish Fashion Institute, whose inaugural event at Copenhagen Fashion…

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Bib + Tuck is an Online Community for People to Shop Without Spending

There’s organic, upcycled, recycled, vintage, and many other ways you can find an outlet to be a more conscious shopper. But Bib + Tuck, a members-only online community for women,…

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Jessica Alba Says You Can Love Clothes And Still Be Eco-Conscious

“Fashion is such a huge part of my life, and I think you can love clothes and love shopping and still be true to your ideas about eco-friendly living. [How?] By taking care of…

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Swap For Good: Swap Unwanted Clothes, Fight Domestic Violence

Photo by Perry Moore You’re already hip to “swishing” parties and you trade clothes with your pals on a regular basis. So why not step things up a notch and give your…

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