clothing origami

These Yummy Treats Want You to Donate Your Old Clothes

Don’t let your clothes become food for moths when they can warm the needy. That’s the message behind a series of witty posters that reimagine castoff garments a hamburger, a…

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Le Creative Sweatshop's Paper Stilettos Aren't Made for Walking

Sure they look cool, but we wouldn’t want to walk a mile in these shoes by Mathieu Missiaen and Julien Morin of Le Creative Sweatshop, a French design firm that dabbles in…

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Bela Borsodi Shapes Clothes into Faces and Animals, Origami-Style

Whether or not you subscribe to the theory that fashion is art, you can’t deny that Bela Borsodi’s textile origami takes the Japanese art of folding to an entirely new…

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