NPR's "Planet Money" Makes a T-shirt—This is What it Discovered

NPR’s Planet Money set out to make a T-shirt; not just any T-shirt, a T-shirt that could tell the story of its own conception from seed to store. Aside from an illustration of a…

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Colombian Plant Fiber Rids Water of Harmful Textile Dyes in Minutes

Photo by Wikimedia Commons Textile dyes and other pollutants can kill waterways. The dyes are not only toxic, but they discolor the water enough to prevent plants and algae from getting…

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Livia Firth, Chopard Unveil Ethical Jewelry Collaboration at Cannes

This year’s red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival might as well turn green. In a collaboration with the Alliance for Responsible Mining, the sculptor of Cannes’ iconic and…

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Bulletproof Jackets, Backpacks for Children Are Now a Thing

Photo by Shutterstock Body armor isn’t just for police officers or public figures anymore. In the wake of a deadly school shooting in Connecticut, a Colombian businessman has…

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Gretchen Jones Designs Not-For-Profit, Fair-Trade Jewelry for Piperlime

GRETCHEN JONES FOR PIPERLIME The 14-piece line, which includes gold-plated necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and a body chain, draws inspiration from Egyptian pyramids and the 1973…

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