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300,000 College Students Will Be Graduating in Eco-Friendly Gowns

Unifi has linked arms with Oak Hall Cap & Gown to clothe more than 300,000 college students in eco-friendly regalia this spring. Composed entirely of Unifi’s…

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103 Years After Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Garment Industry Still Costs Lives

On March 25, 1911, a large fire engulfed a clothing factory in New York City killing 146 workers, most of whom were immigrant women. While the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire became…

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Green Screen: A Living, Carbon-Capturing Face Mask That Filters Bacteria

From color-shifting swine-flu masks to vegetation-filled breathing filters, we’ve seen some wacky mouth sheaths in our time. (And that goes double for accessories made from living…

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