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LAST CHANCE: Win a Pair of 3-in-1 Vegan Boots by Bhava (Worth $299!)

If you’ve just spent hours oohing and ahhing over Bhava’s 3-in-1 “Editor” boot but don’t have two dimes to rub together, you’re in luck. We’re…

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Bhava's Vegan Convertible Boot is Three Shoes in One

TRANSFORMER BOOTS “The two-piece boot concept has been around for a while, but I hadn’t seen it executed in a way that I would actually wear,” Pineda told Ecouterre.…

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10 Wearable Habitats to Shelter You From the Apocalypse

SHELTER ME In 2009, a trio of Philadelphia student designers showed off the perfect apparel for our uncertain times. Asked to fabricate solutions for a hypothetical post-disaster…

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"Walking Shelter" is a Full-Size Tent You Can Store in a Pair of Sneakers

Talk about packing light. “Walking Shelter” is a one-person shelter that tucks away into a pair of sneakers. The brainchild of Sibling, a design collective based in…

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Tanya Heath's Convertible Shoes Transform From Heels to Flats in No Time

UP A NOTCH Available in an array of colors and styles, Heath’s convertible shoes can be paired with an assortment of heels, from a chunky two-inch platform (for hopping on the…

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Day2Night Shoes Feature Interchangeable Heels for Every Occasion

As the wise (if fictional) Miranda Hobbes once noted after moving to Brooklyn and braving a very long commute, “You can take me out of Manhattan but you can’t take me out of…

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