Dutch Designer Turns Cow Manure Into Clothing (It's Not as Gross as You Might Think)

POO POWER She dubs the material Mestic, from mest, the Dutch word for manure. While people have sought to manage No. 2 before, Essaïdi says this is the first time “manure is…

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Modern Meadows Raises $10 Million to Bioengineer Cow-Free Leather

Photo by Shutterstock Leather aficionados may soon be left to wonder “where’s the beef?” Modern Meadow, a startup specializing in novel biomaterials, has just secured…

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"Precious Skin" Turns Cow Ears, Snouts Into Zero-Waste Accessories

Precious Skin by Victoria Ledig is a unique collection of handbags made from unusual cow body parts that not only shows how much of each animal is wasted, but also how well-disguised…

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Argentina's "Methane Backpacks" Turn Cow Farts into Green Energy

Cows farts, albeit stinky, are rich in methane gas, a greenhouse gas and a fuel source. Trapping those cow farts though is like trying to catch a wave upon the sand, but now researchers…

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