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Stella McCartney Releases First Environmental Profit & Loss Account

“No leathers, feathers, or fur.” That’s the Stella McCartney promise. It’s also an ethos that helped make 2015 its most profitable year to date, according to the…

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Insecta Turns Vintage Clothes, Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Vegan Shoes

KIND KICKS Despite Brazil’s worst recession in more than two decades, Insecta made its first million reais ($300,000) just this past year, according to BBC News. Owner and…

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Rombaut Uses Pineapple "Leather" to Make Vegan-Friendly Sneakers

We’ve seen the future of leather and it doesn’t involve cows. Take Rombaut, for instance. Eschewing animal hide, the experimental Parisian label harnesses plant-based…

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Pamela Anderson Launches Two Vegan Shoe Collections

Pamela Anderson is not launching one but two lines of vegan footwear. After a near decade away from the spotlight, the former Baywatch star is stepping out with a range of UGG-like…

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Pleats Please Issey Miyake, Native Shoes Debut Cruelty-Free Sneakers

SUMMER KICKS Pleats Please, Miyake’s paean to the grace and simplicity of the pleat, feature permanently pressed garments that conform to the body and adapt to movement while…

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Grandt Mason: Upcycled Vegan Shoes, Ethically Made in South Africa

On the cutting edge of vegan footwear, South African atelier, Grandt Mason Originals produces sustainable, unique, handmade designs that promote locally sourced and recycled materials.…

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