cruelty-free silk

Agave Silk: A Cruelty-Free Vegetable Silk Made From Cactus

Photos by Maven Collection AGAVE SILK \ə-ˈgä-vē ˈsilk\ n. 1 a: A cruelty-free textile composed of filaments derived from the crushed leaves of the Saharan aloe vera cactus, part of…

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Apoccas Makes Cruelty-Free Silk Scarves No Caterpillar Died For

Photos by Marisa Martchitelli Apoccas is a luxury fashion label that introduces artisanal peace silk scarves. “In Thailand, it is traded as ‘eri silk’,” says founder Alexandra…

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Create Your Own "Peace Silk" Dresses with Supezas

Looking for an eco-friendly dress that is cute, you can feel good about, and won’t break the bank? Look no further! We’ve recently discovered an inspiring company called…

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Ahimsa: Cruelty-Free "Peace Silk" That Makes for Good Karma

Photo by Aurora Silk Yarns AHIMSA \ə-hĭm’sä’ \ n. 1 a: A Sanskrit term meaning to do no harm—literally translated as “the avoidance of violence”—or in…

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