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3D-Printing Breakthrough Could Change the Way We Consume Clothing

The term “fast fashion” is poised to take on a whole new meaning, thanks to a breakthrough in three-dimensional printing that could revolutionize the way clothing and shoes…

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"Abstract" is a Line of Bespoke Textiles Based on Your Emotional State

If you’re looking for clothing that’s a bit more unique, considering bespoke clothes made by Abstract, which utilizes your webcam and your handwriting sample to generate…

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Print All Over Me: An Ethical Approach to Print-on-Demand Clothing

Print All Over Me is a unique concept that has evolved into a fantastic creative platform, bringing artists and designers together to create inspired items of clothing. The title says…

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Flint and Tinder's American-Made Jeans Are Changing the Denim Game

Flint and Tinder are hoping to change the way clothes are manufactured, with affordable made to order jeans manufactured in the U.S.A.. By custom-making their classic jeans the company…

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