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Adidas Introduces Running Shoe With 3D-Printed Materials

Unlike collaborator Kanye West, who voiced his concern in September about three-dimensional printing “destroying” the fashion industry, Adidas isn’t threatened by the…

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Made of Regenerated Leather, Dooq Sandals Are Endlessly Customizable

For the lady who changes her mind on a dime, there’s Dooq, a line of “fully transformable” sandals you can customize in virtually unlimited ways. Almost everyone tires…

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"Myth" is the World's First 3D-Printed Ready-to-Wear Shoe Collection

SHOES TO PRINT Made locally in New York City, each shoe comprises at least 90 percent components manufactured on a small desktop printer. To maintain the premise—and promise—of…

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Pikkpack's Flat-Pack Shoes Require Only Three Pieces of Material

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own shoes, now is your chance with the super-easy Pikkpack shoe. Designed by Sarah Gulyas, the slip-on shoes can be woven together at home with just…

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DIY "Friendship" Shoe Provides Fresh Air For Disadvantaged NYC Kids

Sustainability-wise, the new Airwalk-branded sneaker by Payless ShoeSource is as run of the mill as they come—no uppers made from reconstituted navel lint, soles cobbled together by…

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