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Nonetheless: Bike-Friendly "Cradle to Cradle" Menswear Made in Chicago

FREEWHEELING Nonetheless is more than the sum of its good looks. Its fabrics include blends of wool and recycled plastic bottles, repurposed offcuts, and domestically made Polartec…

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Levi's Introduces "Commuter" Range of Jeans, Jackets for Urban Cyclists

If you can’t think of a single reason to hop on two wheels (salvation for the environment, your wallet, and cankles notwithstanding, of course), Levi’s new…

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Dashing Tweeds: Reflective Cycling Suits for a Well-Groomed Night Out

Just because you’re riding a bike doesn’t mean you have to encase yourself in Lycra. Dashing Tweeds has a range of dapper tweed outfits, including suits for men and capes…

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Vega One: A Stylish LED Jacket for Nocturnal Cyclists

Looking to bump up your spring wardrobe with a stylish yet super-functional coat for your nocturnal bike rides? Angella Mackey’s new Vega One is a lightweight illuminated coat…

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Howies' Water-Resistant Epic Drover Jeans Keep Cyclists Dry Rain or Shine

There are few sensations more wretched than the feeling of sopping-wet, freezing-cold denim weighing down on your thighs. But no amount of fist-shaking at the skies will circumvent…

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