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Timbuk2, Mission Cycling Club Design Backpack for Biking to Work

Riding a bicycle is hands-down the best way to get to work – it’s fun, it’s healthy, and it doesn’t require a drop of gas. However it’s a challenge to…

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14 Eco-Chic Gifts For Avid Cyclists This Holiday Season

TWICE AS NICE Saddle up the ol’ two-speed with a pair of panniers for stowing extra gear on your rear rack. Inspired by the bicycle bags spotted around Holland, the sturdy,…

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Genius! Timbuk2's Messenger Bag Comes With Built-In Bike Map

If you’d rather get lost than be caught wrangling a giant, fluttering bike map while you’re wheeling around town, here comes Timbuk2 to the rescue. Its new, limited-edition…

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Finally, an Affordable LED Jacket for Night Cyclists, Runners

Rare is the LED attire that doesn’t get you mistaken for a walking Christmas inflatable. Rarer still is one non-trust-funders can afford. You can thank Syuzi Pakhchyan of…

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