David Peck

CrOp by David Peck Goes on a Tropical Vacation for Summer 2013

CrOp by David Peck’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a tall, cool drink of water on a sweltering summer’s day. Ethically produced in Houston, the womenswear line builds on…

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Fast Fashion is Here to Stay (So How Do We Work With It?)

ANTHONY LILORE (DESIGNER, RESTORE CLOTHING; BOARD MEMBER, SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER) Don’t be a hater. We, as a community, cannot knock people and/or companies for not doing…

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9 Eco-Fashionable Garments Inspired by Architecture

Fashion and architecture are more than casual acquaintances. Both disciplines entail filling voids with contours, swoops, and planes, albeit on markedly different scales. Sometimes,…

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CrOp by David Peck Celebrates New Orleans' Resilience for Spring 2012

CRESCENT RISING Although not a New Orleans resident himself—Peck hails from Houston—but the designer was immediately drawn to the historic city. This isn’t the first time…

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